About Me

Twitter-length Bio:
Name: Rebecca Herzog
Passions: writing, cheesy jokes, family
Talent: clapping with one hand
Fav. animal: sloths
Fav. holiday: Halloween

Long-winded Version:
So, my name is Rebecca Herzog and I fancy myself a writer. One day I hope to get paid for telling stories. That would be great.

I have had some great jobs, though. I've worked as a US Sailing Instructor where I got to be on the water all day long--you should have seen my amazing tan! I've also been US Forestry Service Aide. Yeah, I basically got to hike in the mountains all day long. If you can't tell, I enjoy being outdoors.

Let's see. I collect joke books--I have 32 of them. I love Halloween and all things creepy. Except centipedes. I don't like centipedes. My favorite animal really is the three-toed sloth. They're just so cute. One day, I will visit the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica where I will feed sloths in the morning and go surfing in the afternoon. I will also learn to surf some day.

OK. Here are some things for which I am excited. I am expecting my 2nd tiny human poop machine this November! It is of the boy variety this time around. Everyone is excited, especially his big sister. My husband will have an illustration in Highlights magazine in November. I could just gush all over this page about how proud I am of him and his illustrations, but you can just check out his work for yourself at wizardofzog.com.

Speaking of John's marvelous illustrations, I am also excited for some upcoming book collaborations that we're doing. I can't say much, but I can tell you they're going to be awesome. Be sure to follow this blog for updates.

Also, I'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions or gripes, you can pick your poison below.

rebecca (at) sonhopress.com
Follow her on Twitter: @bezog

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