Friday, January 13, 2017

101 Things in 1001 Days

What would January be without the obligatory post about goals? I love making goals. I make them often, even if I don’t always follow through with each one. This year, I have decided to try something a little different.

I was on a friend’s blog (Hi Lorren!) a few weeks ago and ran across a post about the Day Zero Project. Basically, it is 101 goals accomplished in 1001 days. I thought that it sounded super fun, and a different way to approach my New Year’s resolutions.

I found coming up with 101 things a bit challenging because I had a specific set of ideas for what types of goals would make my list. When selecting things for the project, I kept three points in mind:

  • The goal had to be measurable
  • The goal had to be achievable
  • The goal had to be fun

While scrolling through the list, you’ll see that it is somewhat organized by type. For example, the first 13 have to do with learning something new over the next 1001 days; numbers 42-52 all have to do with food, etc.

Periodically, I will do follow-up posts on completing this enterprise. I will also add a tab to this page so you can follow along with my progress. Starting today, I have until Oct. 19th, 2019 to complete everything on the list. Seems doable, right?

What would you put on your list? Which of my goals seems most fun and/or intriguing to you? Leave me a comment below!

1. Learn how to do a hand stand
2. Get CPR/First Aid certified
3. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube
4. Learn 5 new songs on the Ukulele
5. Practice Irish tin whistle for 10 hours
6. Learn to identify 10 new constellations
7. Learn how to identify 20 new plants
8. Learn to identify 10 new birds
9. Attend a writing conference
10. Complete 4 edX courses
11. Learn how to swing dance
12. Teach kids enough Portuguese to have a basic conversation
13. Submit a novel for publication
14. Self-publish something
15. Submit a short story to a magazine
16. Submit a picture book for publication
17. Write 10 poems
18. Organize a critique group
19. Finish 2 novel drafts
20. Watch 26 horror movies that begin with each letter of the alphabet
21. See 10 movies in the theater
22. Attend a musical performance
23. Go to the theater
24. Write my Washington representative about something I care about
25. Write in my journal 101 days
26. Write and send out a Christmas letter
27. Write a letter to Sammy for her 16th birthday
28. Write a letter to Ben for his 16th birthday
29. Write a letter to John for our 15th anniversary
30. Write a letter to 3 people who have been influential in my life
31. Read 101 new books
32. Organize a book swap
33. Reread the Harry Potter series
34. Pay off credit card debt
35. Buy a scratch off ticket
36. Run a 5k
37. Go ice skating
38. Do the entire Legacy Trail
39. Do the entire Venetian Waterway Trail
40. Go roller skating at a rink
41. Finish a triathlon
42. Try 10 new fruits or veggies
43. Try 50 new recipes
44. Eat at a new restaurant
45. Make ice cream
46. No eating out for a month
47. Eat ice cream at Nokomis Groves
48. Eat sushi
49. Grow an avocado plant from a seed
50. Give beets another try
51. Buy something from a Farmer’s Market
52. Host a dinner party
53. Visit MOSI
54. Go to the Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy
55. Visit Mote Marine Aquarium
56. Visit Gatorland
57. Go to Disney World
58. Visit a haunted house
59. Go to a Medieval Fair
60. Go to the Shark Tooth Festival
61. Do an Escape Room
62. Go to a classic car show
63. Visit a national park
64. Visit 5 state parks
65. Go on a cruise
66. Visit the Keys
67. Go on a getaway with John
68. Go to the Ft. Lauderdale temple
69. Spend 10 hours doing genealogy
70. Do a temple session in Portuguese
71. Finish my Grateful List
72. Update family photos in collages
73. Volunteer for 20 hours
74. Donate Blood
75. Buy a stranger something from their Amazon wish list
76. Take 365 selfies and put them together in a video
77. Post 101 jokes on social media
78. Go hunting
79. Go fishing
80. Go birdwatching
81. Watch sea turtle lay eggs
82. Watch sea turtles hatch
83. Go lobstering
84. Snorkel with manatees
85. Go scuba diving
86. Watch a meteor shower
87. Watch sunrise on the East coast and the sunset on the West coast on the same day
88. Find 101 shark teeth
89. Make a sand castle
90. Build a blanket fort
91. Go kayaking
92. Attend a drum circle
93. Go to a Ray’s baseball game
94. Go to a roller derby bout
95. Ride a roller coaster
96. Finish a sewing project
97. Paint a picture
98. Make something out of wood
99. Make a glass spoon rest
100. Get a massage
101. Put together a puzzle (750+ pieces)

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